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Washing Instructions

Washing Instructions:

The idea to take to heart for the care of your Pesh Towels is the same one that applies to all of your most cherished clothes:

-       Cold is better than hot.

-       Gentle cycle is better than higher revolution.

-       Line dry is better than tumble dry.

Any fabric you love dearly will maintain its physical integrity significantly better if you don’t expose it to high heat and high physical impact of a revolving washer or dryer.

However if that same fabric is dirty, or if you don’t have the time, then by all means wash and dry as you please. Domestic appliances can’t hurt our towels. With such high thread density, they will be some of the most durable items in your wardrobe.

Nonetheless, our towels are not prewashed or preshrunk. Hence we recommend, for the very first wash, that you use cold water, a gentle cycle, some vinegar to set the color further, and a clothesline. This way you will have no surprises going forward.

And if any one of the tassels come loose several years down the line, go ahead and tie them back up, as that was how they were tied in the first place.