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Fabric Origins & Functions

The Fabrics

In addition to our 100% cotton towels, all our remaining products also have some cotton blended into them. These cotton threads used are harvested in the Adana province, about 400 miles from our production site in Denizli.

Cotton is a versatile and flexible material, which allows us to create a diverse set of towels from them. Due to the unique design properties and different stitch counts, all 5 varieties of our 100% cotton Pesh Towels feel completely different, and excel at distinct ends of the multi-usage spectrum. Although if there is one thing they are particularly stellar at, it is pure cotton’s ability to dry fast, making them the perfect travel companion.


Our linen towels are woven in a blend where 40% to 50% is linen, and the source linen flax is harvested and processed in France and Spain.

The linen Pesh Towels have a natural rugged look, which makes them especially aesthetic and eye catching to use decoratively. It is also in linen’s nature to get softer with each wash, making its usage as a throw one of highest performance. Its high absorbency quotient also makes these Pesh Towels ideal for the beach.


The bamboo products we carry are of similar blend to the linens, and the threads used are imported from Indonesia and China.

Bamboo towels are exceptionally soft to the touch and provide an absolutely idiosyncratic tactile experience. This makes our bamboo bathrobes particularly great for lounging in and the regular towels especially comfortable as a scarf or a shawl. Nonetheless the most important property of bamboo blend fabrics comes down to science: it has twice as much space in its molecules in which to absorb water, making them the highest performance option to hang in your bathroom.


Microfiber Pesh Towels are our best performing, highest rated products. They are a blend of 40% cotton, 40% bamboo, and 20% modal—a rayon made from beech trees. This semi-synthetic cellulose fiber is produced less than an hour away from our production plants in the province of Denizli.

These products are stonewashed to give them a rugged look and will adorn both your furniture and your body with elegance. The contributions of bamboo will make it an enjoyable tactile experience and dry you fast. And the cotton foundations will allow them to dry fast and be ready to perform at the highest level as often as you do.