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About Us

Pesh Towels, based in Durham, North Carolina, serves as an online store and a wholesale vendor. To the best of our knowledge, we are the only US based wholesale vendor of Turkish bath towels, traditionally known as ‘peshtemals’, or the way we like to call them: Pesh Towels

We import our products directly from producers in the Denizli province in southwestern Turkey. Our CEO and COO both lived in the region, and know full well what makes a great towel.

The vendor who works with the weavers matters; the looms the weavers use matters; the skill level of the weavers matters; the quality of the threads and their origins matter.

After several trips to the area, diligent research, and on-site observations, we engaged in a partnership with a particular vendor whose experience provides us with a steady supply of consistently high-quality products.

When a product is being mass-produced in a factory, you can bet on uniformity, while having to make some concessions on the soul of that product. When a product is being completely hand-made, you can bet on the originality, but cannot reach the deserving audience at the prices that would appeal to them.

Our partners on the ground have 5 artisan weavers operating 10 traditional mechanical looms. We have met several of those artisans and observed the work they do, which we predicted, accurately, that our customers would be satisfied with half a world away.

The demands of today’s industry make the usage of wooden looms, which was the standard for millennia, merely a niche activity and yield a product line that is easily discernible by the price tag. But the principles of the mechanical “power” looms, which were borne out of the Industrial Revolution in the late 18th century, remains roughly the same even today. Without moving onto the impossibly loud factory floors where the human involvement with the product is negligible, the mechanical looms are the most technologically advanced, yet exceedingly artisanal option available for production.

That’s why we chose to procure our Pesh Towels from weavers who operate French-made Jacquard Weaving Looms made in the 70’s, using peer Swiss-made punch-hole programming sheets for design. These durable machines and lasting techniques have been providing quality peshtemals to consumers for decades. And now we are bringing this timeless experience to the American consumers.

Enjoy the tactile joys of the Pesh Towel experience…